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Banking and finance is one of the core practice areas of Russia House International Lawyers.
Our banking team includes a group of specialized banking lawyers and senior attorneys to provide quality and speedy legal services to our clients with respect to their banking and finance needs. The Firm's lawyers are known for their expertise in structuring the legal framework for financing transactions, counseling our clients in their dealings with government regulators in banking regulatory and compliance matters, negotiating and drafting all necessary documentation, advising on legal issues arising from daily banking operations, and issuing Russian legal opinions.
We have advised many foreign banks and financial institutions with respect to such matters as syndication loan transactions, general corporate loan transactions, and finance leases.
Russia House International Lawyers has provided services to such banking and financial entities as Sydostroitelniy Bank, KIT Finance Bank, SibKontact Bank, Russian Investment Aliance bank.

The Firm provides a broad range of services including:
1. negotiating on the structure of loan transactions and related security arrangements; preparing, reviewing and translating loan documentation such as loan agreements, mortgage agreements, pledge agreements, guarantee agreements, subordination agreements and assignment agreements;
2. generally advising on all kinds of loan transactions, including assisting banks and financial institutions in reviewing all constitutional documents of borrowers and advising on the legality and validity of borrowers;
3. assisting banks and financial institutions in reviewing all conditions precedent of loan transactions;
4. acting on behalf of borrowers; advising and assisting borrowers in undertaking all governmental approvals, registrations and/or notarizations arising out of their respective loan transactions;
5. issuing legal opinions with respect to all kinds of loan transactions, including project finance, syndication loans, general corporate loans, and shareholder loans;
6. conducting due diligence on Russian subsidiaries and associate companies of borrowers with respect to loan transactions, and issuing legal opinions thereof;
7. providing all kinds of legal services for the financing of real estate projects, including negotiating on behalf of developers in relation to loan arrangements secured by the mortgage on land use rights or real property, and preparing all relevant legal documents thereof, and undertaking all relevant notarization and/or registration on behalf of developers.