Russia House International Lawyers
Russia House International Lawyers
Areas of expertise | Customs

We are experienced in providing customs and commodity inspection and import-export related legal service on regular matters, as well as providing particular and practical solutions to our clients.
Our Customs Legal Service Department can provide legal service as following:
Advising on and assisting in the legal procedure on Customs and Commodity Inspection, including but not limited: customs intellectual property register, commodity pre-categorization, application on products certification, application on customs license, application on commodity inspection and the like;
Making out all kinds of legal documents related to import-export and submiting these documents to authorities concerned for clients;
Providing legal opinions on import & export and customs supervision of common commodity and bonded warehouse commodity, compensation trade, export processing trade, customs legal procedure on incorporation of new joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned companies and the like;
Representing on behalf of clients in administrative reconsideration and litigation against customs and commodity inspection bureaus;
Upon clients request, designing most reasonable and practicable import and export plan package according to specific circumstances;
Promptly keeping clients informed of up-dated regulations and practice on customs and commodity inspection;
Consulting and coordinating with authorities concerned for clients.