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One of the primary emphases of Russia House International Lawyers is on rendering comprehensive and complete legal services to multi-national companies in their investments and Russian-foreign projects in Russia and China. In this practice area, the Firm enjoys wide acclaim. The Firm's practice in this area includes all forms of business presence from the establishment of representative offices to the organization of holding companies, and through almost all industries from petroleum to automobile producers.
In this area, the Firm can assist in the pursuit and selection of business partners in Russia, China and Korea for joint ventures, franchising and venture companies; advise clients on Russian, Chinese and Korean laws and regulations governing foreign direct investment in Russia, China and Korea; assist clients in feasability studies of investment projects; assist clients in negotiating joint venture projects and franchising; assist clients in setting up representative offices and wholly-owned enterprises; assist in the preparation of a complete set of investment documents (including without limitation joint venture contracts, articles of association, land use right contracts, intellectual property rights, know-how licensing agreements, and transfer agreements); assist and represent clients in communication and coordination with business partners and/or governmental authorities; and advise on equity or share transfers and assignment transactions, mergers and acquisitions and split transactions, liquidations, dissolutions, winding-up, and franchising.