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Advising on the wide array of issues relating to electronic commerce regulatory matters that arise when a new digital product or service is introduced as well as on potential liability to customers and interaction with law enforcement agencies.
Addressing legal issues relating to the Internet, electronic and digital signatures, encryption, software development, protection and distribution, licensing and distribution of digital content, multimedia products, electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic publishing, network and data security, E-mail, electronic fund transfers (EFT), electronic recordkeeping, computer bulletin board systems, electronic licensing, electronic distribution, systems integration, online privacy, interactive on-line services, and more.
Advising Internet and e-commerce businesses at any stage of their development, from small scale start-up ventures to established corporates. Specific advice is given on setting up e-commerce business, including corporate structures; raising finance; domain name and trade mark strategies; website terms and conditions; joint ventures and strategic alliances; online fair competition.