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Dispute resolution in international trade, including arbitration, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, has always been an important business of the Firm. The Firm also offers to its domestic and overseas clients legal consultations and services related to access of foreign products into Russia's market and product liabilities. In recent years, with the rapid development of such intangible trade like foreign company contracting construction projects in Russia, the Firm has provided legal services to foreign-related construction contracting projects within Russia.
We can provide the following services to our clients: drafting various kinds of international trade contracts, assisting clients in planning and arranging import and export business in accordance with Russian laws and international practices; international trade dispute negotiation, arbitration and litigation; advising on labeling, marking and other legal requirements on products imported into Russia, resolving consumer complaints and product liabilities disputes; designing contract structure, evaluating legal risks, drafting documents, handling governmental procedure and formalities and negotiating a deal regarding foreign-related construction contracting projects.
The Firm is eulogized by clients and peers for its legal services in international trade. Lawyers in the Firm in this regard are familiar with international trade theories, practices and trade usage. Some of them are not only experts in this area, but have over 10 years experience of dealing with international trade cases as presiding judges as well.