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Maritime is one of the Firm's expertise areas of distinction. As one of the leading firms in this area, the Firm houses the maritime department, which is comprised of senior lawyers profoundly experienced in maritime and international trade practice. Some of them have studied or worked overseas in this area, while others have over 10 years experience of adjudicating maritime cases as judges. All of the lawyers in the maritime department are fluent in Russian and English. Our clientele includes Silla Co. Ltd, ScanSea Group, P & I Club and other shipping companies, insurance companies, freight forwarding companies, shipper agents, and the like. As maritime business involves legal issues in many areas, such as bill of lading transport, chart parties, marine insurance and import export contracts, etc, the Firm will provide as many as solutions on the basis of the whole legal background in the maritime dispute, and will inform in advance clients of potential legal risks.
Moreover, the Firm offers consultation and service in terms of laws and policies on market access and industry administration concerning maritime businesses for overseas clients. The Firm can provide the following services:
Bill of Lading Transport
Loss of or damage to goods
Freight disputes
Bill of lading disputes
Chart Parties
Voyage chart party disputes
Time chart party disputes
Demise chart party disputes
Agency Disputes
Freight forwarding disputes
Shipper agency disputes
Titles, Liens
Sale and purchase of ships
Ship building contract
Ship finance
Ship detention
Maritime Accidents
General average
Death or personal injury
Maritime polution
Marine Insurance
Ship insurance
Cargo insurance
Liabilities insurance
Other insurance