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As Russia has been adjusting the economy structure, M & A and bankruptcy have become increasingly important commercial activities. It is one of the most distinctive services to provide professional services to corporate community. The Firm possesses insightful knowledge of industry regulation and abundant experiences in offering legal services in this area.
In this area, the Firm can provide legal services on mergers, bankruptcy and re-organization, whether or not under the auspices of government, for legal persons and other business entities; make merger plans; settle legal matters in the merger process; make bankruptcy plans, including introduction of enterprises basic status, credits and debts status, bankruptcy preliminary plans and other documents review reasons for bankruptcy and assets disposition plans; make re-organization plans; review value and components of re-organized assets; arrange debts and credits; also, provide other services in legal and policy aspects for legal persons and other business entities on merger, bankruptcy and re-organization, undertaking guidance, auxiliary work.