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Real property law is an area in which Russia House International Lawyers has distinctive advantages and an abundance of experience. Utilizing its sophistication and considerable experience in dispute resolution, foreign investment and other legal areas, the Firm combines these skills with its real property practice to form a variety of unique cross-area legal services, including real property dispute resolution, land use rights transfers or leases in foreign investment projects, infrastructure construction by foreign companies, and joint venture real property development. Through full understanding of domestic laws, regulations and policies at various levels, familiarity with domestic real property legal practice, and good communication with land-use authorities, the Firm provides its clients with real property legal services of the highest quality, earning a sound reputation for the Firm among its clients.
The following are areas of real property in which Russia House International Lawyers has already provided and is able to provide legal services to its clients: Participating in negotiations, draft and review agreements related to real property projects, representing real property developers, banks and other financiers, contractors, domestic and foreign buyers or sellers, and designers in litigation, arbitration or conciliation related to real property;
Providing legal services on business formation, planning and operation of companies in relation to real property.
Issuing legal opinions on grants, transfers, leases, pre-leases and mortgages of land use rights, and handling the relevant procedures.
Participating in real property development and finance and providing legal services for real property leases, pre-leases, sales, and purchases as well as property management.
Providing legal services on prospecting, designing, planning, construction, installation and decoration.