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Russia House International Lawyers
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Russia House International Lawyers has long committed itself to providing specific or general solutions regarding taxation problem. The Firm has acted for plenty of companies to ensure sufficient protection are given to them regarding taxation disputes. The Firm's services in this area have been celebrated and recognized by peer as well as Russian Law and Practice.
this firm enjoy good relationship with taxation authorities and make appoint to cooperate with other tax law firms and appraisal company.
The Firm's practice includes advising on and assisting on Russian tax laws and regulations, including:
Explaining the meaning of specific provision of material and procedure tax law and implement rules of tax law, such as how to understand each provision, how to affirm taxpayer, object of taxation, standard of taxation and the detailed information about the procedure of taxation registration, invoice management, tax declaring, tax derating.
Advising on and assisting on policy provision in tax law and other tax policy promulgated by State Council, Treasury Ministry, General Tax Bureau and other local government especially on the application scope and enforcement of those policy.
Providing consulting opinions to client with respect to taxation practice, such as taxation procedure, specific formalities, technology on tax-paying, etc.
Representing on behalf of client with respect to negotiation or settlement of dispute with tax authorities, attending administrative reconsideration on behalf of client, contacting with relevant enforcement authorities.